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Tim Gannon, who cofounded Outback Steakhouse, is teaming up with his 32-year-old son, Chris, to open the first Bolay, a unique twist to the fast healthy foods to eat restaurants. Bolay is laser-focused on flavorful, nutrient-rich food, mostly served in bowls and choices of cold pressed juices, infused tea, win and beer.

“We’re trying to appeal to the consumer with a shorter amount of time but who still wants a balanced meal,” says Chris Gannon, who is CEO of the new venture but prefers to go by the title “team player.”

Where the check average at an Outback is $19–$22 per customer, at Bolay, it’s nearly half that, at $10–$12, Gannon says. Guests at Bolay build bowl lunches from base items including Gluten-Free Cilantro Noodles, Peruvian Quinoa, and Marinated Kale & Currant Salad.


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Healthy Foods To Eat

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Web Exclusive | January 2016 | By Bruce Horovitz

Perhaps no segment of the restaurant industry has taken a harder hit from the relentless growth of the fast-casual sector than casual dining.

In a culture of increasingly budget- and time-conscious consumers, the overwhelming trend has been for folks who formerly frequented casual-dining restaurants to elect to save time—and money—by trading slightly down to fast casual.

Don’t think the casual-dining world hasn’t noticed. Many casual players have opted to at least stick their toes in the fast-casual waters. Among the early adapters were P.F. Chang’s with its Pei Wei concept and Wolfgang Puck with his Wolfgang Puck Express offering. Plenty of other familiar casual-dining chains have tried, too, including Bennigan’s with Bennigan’s On The Fly and Beef O’Brady’s with Beef’s Express.

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